Full Settlement

Allows for the trade of physical commodities/currencies and the delivery of the actual assets upon request. Processes are designed in a user-friendly format to ensure a pleasant and swift experience. A distinct feature of this account is that liquidation risk is non-existent


Through this concept, we offer clients a new dynamic form of trading, where only a margin (percentage) of specified assets could be traded. Liquidation risk could be eliminated when the remaining amount of the specified asset is paid for in full, and requested to be delivered physically.


Forex CFDs supporting the contract size concept is one of the online trading solutions we provide. This allows clients to trade an array of instruments globally and achieve target profits.


DamacSoft is the Technology Innovation, specializing in developing customizable financial software tailored to specific needs within the financial services industry.

Industries serviced by DamacSoft Technologies include Banks, Broker Houses, Hedge Fund Institutions, Bond Issuing Institutions and Multi-Level Marketing Institutions.